Who A Probate Lawyer Is And Can Do For You In Florida

Who A Probate Lawyer Is And Can Do For You In Florida

A probate lawyer handles estate and probate. People have many misconceptions about estate planning and probate. Some people do not even know what a probate lawyer is and their responsibilities.

A Boca Raton Probate Attorney is responsible for resolving any problems or misconceptions regarding their client’s estate. The Loughlin Law P.A in Florida respects everyone they come across for consulting about estate planning and probate. 

The Loughlin Law P.A in Florida provides compassionate and extraordinary legal services to their clients. They believe in giving their clients personal and friendly treatment. If you are not aware of who probable lawyers are or what they can do, here is the guide for you. 

Who is a probate attorney?

A probate attorney is an attorney with a Florida state license. They guide beneficiaries and executors of a will or estate through the process of probate. From identifying the beneficiaries and estate assets to the distribution of inheritance. A probate lawyer’s job is to make sure that everything goes according to plan and according to the wishes of their late clients.

Probate attorneys help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and ensure smooth transitions of property and assets out of the court. 

What probate lawyer is for you?

A probate lawyer can do a lot for you. Here is the list of a few things they do for their clients.

  • Someone who write your estate plan
  • Someone to help you with a loved one’s property after their death
  • Someone who resolves a simple dispute between the spouse or siblings
  • Someone to file or defend a will challenge or contest to the probate of a will based on fraud or undue influence

Another thing that bothers people is whether they need a probate lawyer or not. In almost all scenarios, you need probate lawyers. In only rare cases, you do not need to hire one. However, a probate attorney can help you overcome the technical hurdles of estate planning. You need their assistance to avoid any family conflicts.