What are the causes of cancer?

There is no single reason for cancer. Most scientists believe that the interaction of several factors together produces cancer. All these factors are involved that might be environmental or genetic. Treatment and diagnosis for childhood cancers are quite different as compared to adult cancers. The main difference is survival rate as well as the cause of cancer. The 5-year survival rate is about 80% and the adult is 68%.

Childhood cancer begins in the stem cells that are considered as simple cells capable of producing a different kinds of specialized cells as per body needs. In adults, it is a kind of cell that becomes cancerous as well as it has an epithelial cell. Epithelial cells cover the body surface and line the body.

Risk factors of cancer

A risk factor is anything that might increase the chances of developing a disease. A risk factor is not necessary that causes disease but it might make the body less resistant. Let’s have a look at the following mechanism that is contributed to cancer-

Lifestyle factor

Consumption of a high-fat diet as well as smoking is a bad habit that enhances the risk of adult cancer. You have to stop these habits as soon as possible and make some quality changes to your lifestyle factors.

Genetic disorder

The immune system is quite complex that works to protect the body part from disease and infections. Bone marrow is the root source of producing the cells that work as part of the immune system. According to the theory when the bone marrow reproduces to make more cells, it also generates cancer or abnormal cells. The reason for the defect in the stem cells is related to genetic defects as well as exposure to the virus.

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Type of cancer genes

Three different kinds of genes are known to affect cell growth as well as it is unchanged in certain kind of cancers-

  • Oncogenes
  • Tumor suppressor genes
  • Mismatch-repair genes

Usually, there are several cells in the body tissues that are controlled so you have to get look at new cells that are made for development and normal growth. Cancer is a loss of balance due to genetic alterations as well as in favor of excessive cell growth.


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