Unlocking Crypto Potential: A Comprehensive Tutorial on Depositing Funds on Bitlink

Unlocking Crypto Potential: A Comprehensive Tutorial on Depositing Funds on Bitlink

Bitlink, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange founded in Singapore in the month of April 2023, has been making waves across the world. Bitlink, with licenses from MAS & MSB is not just an exchange for cryptocurrency; it symbolizes trust and innovative.

Trading on Bitlink Exchange for depositing funds:

These steps will help you begin the process of depositing money at Bitlink Exchange:

  • Log in to the Bitlink account you have created. Bitlink account.
  • Navigate to”Account” or “Account” section of the Bitlink interface.
  • Locate the “Instant Account” option and click the option.
  • Select “Deposit” among the choices.

In this section, you will be able to view the balance of your Bitlink wallet. Your balance as of this date is at 0. For trading to start the account, you must deposit funds into this account. Choose USDT, the most widely-used stablecoin used for cryptocurrency transactions. Choose the BSC BEP-20 or TRC-20 network for lower transaction fees and quicker processing.

When you’ve picked the appropriate network and currency The system will show an individual USDT deposit address to you. The address should be copied carefully to avoid making any errors. Transfer the USDT amount that you would like to deposit from your crypto money account (e.g. TrustWallet, MetaMask), or exchange platform (e.g. Remitano), to the USDT address that was copied.

Buy and Sell cryptocurrency on BTK private sale Bitlink:

You are able to purchase your favorite cryptocurrency by following these steps once you have successfully depositing USDT to the account of your Bitlink trading accounts:

  • Pick the “Trading View” option for an easy-to-use trading interface.
  • Navigate through the options to choose the trade combination you are looking for, for example, BTC/USDT.
  • The upper right-hand corner on the Bitlink trading interface provides trading option options for orders. Below are the detailed descriptions of the different types of orders:
  • Limit-order: With this option, you can set a price for buying or selling prior to. This order executes whenever the price is at or surpasses the set price, allowing you to control the price of transactions.
  • Market Order: Buy or sell cryptocurrency immediately at the present market price. It allows for quick transaction execution, but does not have control over the cost of transaction.
  • Stop Order: An automatic order placed in the event that the price of the market is greater than the price of activation that is specified. This order may contain a limit order and a stop price. The order will be executed after the price has reached the level of activation.

Pick the appropriate type of order depending on your objectives and your specific strategy for trading. Market orders are simple to process, while stop orders automatically automate trades based on current market conditions.

Example: Placing a Buy order for BNB/USDT

  • Choose Order Type: Select the option to buy (buy orders are usually set at a price lower than current market prices).
  • Set the Price and Quantity. Choose $207 for the price and specify the quantity in BNB that you would like to purchase (considering the entire value or 100 percent).
  • Review Order: Before confirming the order, carefully review the information on your purchase for exactness.
  • Confirm Order: Once verified and confirmed, you can confirm your purchase. After your order has been received, it is taken care of by the system.

Instant Orders allows you to look over all orders that were successfully placed.

Indrawing money from Bitlink —

Before withdrawing funds from Bitlink, make an USDT BEP-20 or TRC-20 account on the Remitano platform for receiving money.

Be aware that the final part about withdrawing funds from Bitlink seems to be insufficient. Please provide more details about the problem or inquire about specific questions if you require more specifics.