Is beginner’s luck really a ‘thing’ when it comes to casino games?

Is beginner’s luck really a ‘thing’ when it comes to casino games?

If you’ve ever played casino games before, the idea of ‘beginner’s luck’ might be familiar to you. It’s pretty easy to explain. Some casino players have systems, others believe in the luck of the roll, or the deal. Many people assume, too, that beginners tend to have great runs of luck, only for it to fizzle out pretty quickly.

But does this idea actually hold any water when it comes to table games and slots? Possibly. The fact is beginners can often feel as though they are onto a good thing before they really get deeply into a game or two. Therefore, it’s often pretty easy for them to get swept up in the action.

Is beginner’s luck just a dated phrase that no longer applies to the age of online Vegas? Can you expect to win early at the best NJ Online Casino, only to fold everything later on? The good news is, it’s actually a lot fairer than you think.

Luck isn’t measurable

There are all kinds of idioms and ideas about luck which people share and swear by. Some believe that rolling a die a certain way guarantees them against snake eyes. Others will have routines and systems they think will help them get the edge on the dealer.

The fact is luck isn’t measurable. Luck is something that comes along when you least expect it. It is all mathematical! Therefore, if we are to pay attention to the laws of odds and probability, nothing is definite in any direction.

Beginner’s luck is just another of those gambling phrases that pops up again and again. It’s sometimes used bitterly by seasoned players in a bit of a rut. Other times, it’s used to explore a beginner’s thirst for really getting into a run of wins, only to lose it all later on.

It’s a good term to use if you want to describe newbie naivety. However, there are plenty of casino veterans out there who suffer from their own naiveties!

Learning how to be lucky

Beginner’s luck, in the sense that it can run out fairly quickly, is easy to avoid. It’s all about knowing when to check out of a game. A complete newbie at online poker, for example, might get excited that they’ve claimed the pot several hands in a row. That’s no guarantee they will win again the next turn, if at all in the game to come.

In fact, poker is really interesting in this respect. Once you win a hand, all the other players will have you on their radar. The moment you make yourself known; your luck is under threat.

Therefore, avoiding beginner’s luck, and doing away with the cliché entirely, is easy. All you have to do is set yourself a clear bankroll and limits and stick to them. Know when to quit, and you can do the unthinkable. You can beat the house at their own game, and that’s a real thrill in and of itself.