Importance Of Global Regulatory Awards In The Gambling Industry

Importance Of Global Regulatory Awards In The Gambling Industry

GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards host every year to celebrate the excellence in regulatory compliance and responsible gambling sector. Like previous successful events, this year’s award ceremony is also celebrated with grand success in 2019 with the participation of more than 400 leading titles of the gambling industry to find the real winners.

Why Gambling Compliance Awards Matter?

UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) research report 2017 stated that about 45% of Britain citizens practice gambling activities in the last 4 weeks. The percentage for the same practice reaches 46% (extra 650,000) in the year 2018.

This significant growth is due to the regular appealing technological advancements of online betting platforms and mobile-friendly gambling. Unfortunately, many of the people who gamble online associate this activity with a crime. Thus, it is crucial to have strict rules and regulations that showcase the safety & fairness of games and web-based transactions companies are providing online along with their achievement of full compliance with the laws. This is where Gambling Global Compliance Awards play a vital role.

Winners of the 17 categories, selected from tough judging process, are recognized for several roles and disciplines within responsible gambling & compliance. To make an entry into this event, it requires plenty of quality things other than providing several GamblingDeals on a range of games. All submission of entries is made straight to the judges’ panel through a unique independent platform. No further entries are accepted after 3 months. The contenders’ list is officially published after a complete and careful evaluation process.

Growth of Global Regulatory Awards

Last year’s awards feature 93 finalists nominated from around 17 award categories. Unique varieties of entries were submitted by teams, individuals, and companies internationally to represent the best compliance and responsible gambling. Since April 2017 (awards inauguration), Global Regulatory Awards event has undergone a huge achievement with over 120% boost in the counting of nominations.

On each year’s award night, numerous agencies and individuals are represented as winners with their awards. The winners are decided by the independent judges’ panel. And, these are announced by the popular celebrity when GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards host on the specific date, time, and venue. This means that nominees or winners are recognized for the quality and commitment to regulatory compliance & responsible gambling. 2019 awards not only take place in the bigger venue, but they also introduce some new award categories.


Why You Must Look For The Global Regulatory Awards?

If you are a true gambler and don’t want to indulge yourself in unfair gaming, then keep an eye on the Global Regulatory Awards. Look for the companies nominated and awarded with different titles of the 17 categories. It will help you in determining the individuals, businesses, and organizations, who are putting the best efforts to provide fair and safe gambling experience online. This would be an excellent way through which you can put your hard-earned money securely to have hassle-free and thrilling gambling sessions online. Thus, stay updated for the 4th edition of this award event such as nominees, contenders, venue, etc.